YumvY aims to make recipes easy for wannabe chefs

There are no shortage of fancy recipes online. But once you’ve got that recipe for grilled brick chicken with a peach glaze and side of asparagus puree — unless Mario Batali is your personal sous chef, it’s hard to juggle all the ingredients, slicing and cooking times to make everything come out perfect.

That’s where Sari Louis’ bootstrapped startup, YumvY, wants to help. YumvY is a Web-based application that parses through a recipe and provides GPS-like instructions for the user. It tells you when to chop vegetables, when to start boiling the water and how long to sear the steak, etc., complete with a timer for each step.

I met founder Louis at the recent Founder Showcase, where he pitched his idea to a panel of VCs. While the crowd ate up his pitch, YumvY didn’t win, and panelists pointed out two of the biggest hurdles for YumvY: getting content partners like Food Network and Epicurious to make their recipes YumvY friendly, and the possibility that those content partners will just make their own version of YumvY.

But those scenarios haven’t taken a bite out of Louis’ entrepreneurial spirit. He took a moment to chat with us for a quick video where you can see how the service works, the technology it’s using as well as his passion for both food and his startup. The site launches next week for alpha testing.