T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note captured on camera


It’s looking like a certainty that T-Mobile will carry the Galaxy Note: Two hints from earlier this week tipped us off and now a picture of a Samsung Galaxy Note with T-Mobile branding confirms the rumor. There’s no official word from T-Mobile, but the evidence is adding up for T-Mobile customers to get their own version of Samsung’s 5.3-inch Android smartphone with stylus.

The T-Mo News site had earlier evidence of the Note: A product number that was close to the AT&T(s t) Galaxy Note as well as alleged screenshots from the device. At the time, the site didn’t see what I did in two of the three pictures that was a dead giveaway. An icon for the T-Mobile Name ID service and app appeared in the status bar on a pair of screencaps.

AT&T’s Galaxy Note supports the carrier’s LTE network but I’d expect a T-Mobile version to solely support HSPA+ as the carrier doesn’t plan to light up an LTE network of its own until 2013. Still, if the new Note includes a 42 Mbps radio — I’d guess it will — then in the right coverage area, Galaxy Note owners could see LTE-like speeds nearing 20 Mbps on the download. As far as the size of the Galaxy Note, one simple question will help determine if its for you: Are you a one-handed or two-handed smartphone user?

With all signs pointing to T-Mobile getting the Galaxy Note, Samsung will likely get another sales boost for the big phone, which has already topped 5 million sales to users at last check. Maybe having a stylus for a phone isn’t a bad thing after all?

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