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For self-published romance titles, some quality assurance

Eleven romance authors of both traditionally published and self-published books are banding together to show their commitment to “bringing high standards and professional quality to their self-published works.”

The authors created a website, Rock*It Reads, where they link to their self-published titles — about 40 so far. “Whenever readers see the RIR logo, they know the book they are purchasing is held to an excellent standard of quality,” the site says.

All the authors also work with traditional publishing houses. “Our clearly recognizable logo is a signal to readers that they’re getting a story that’s been tended with the same level of attention and professionalism as our New York works,” they told USA Today. “Rock*It Reads is not a publisher. All the books are 100% self-published works, done by each author on her own time. We’ve simply banded together to form Rock*It Reads to help our readers find¬†other¬†high-quality self-published works.”