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Rumor roundup: A thinner, shinier LTE iPhone?

We’re likely still months removed from the introduction of the next-generation iPhone (s aapl), yet predictably rumors about the device, its components, its look and feel and when it will arrive are already flying fast and furious.

Here’s our quick rundown of the scuttlebutt surrounding Apple’s highly anticipated next phone.

  • Apple might be using a thinner kind of display from Toshiba and Sharp. Using “in-cell” touchscreen displays for the new iPhone could make the device thinner than it is now.
  • Korea IT News says the new iPhone’s casing will be manufactured from Liquidmetal, a combination of titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper and other metals, that can be manipulated like plastic injection molding, rather than bent into shape like sheet metal. Apple already uses it in some other products, but casting the iPhone in the material would make the device’s case tougher and more scratch resistant.
  • The sixth-generation iPhone will work on LTE networks and use Qualcomm 28nm chips, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.
  • That same analyst was expecting the new device to be introduced in August (though it’s unclear why), but thanks to Qualcomm’s difficulty in manufacturing enough of these 28nm chips, he expects (another) October iPhone launch.