Logitech pairs a smart cover and keyboard for Apple’s iPad


Logitech introduced its newest iPad keyboard / cover combo on Wednesday and if you could imagine Apple(s aapl) designing such a product, this is what it would look like. The $99 accessory works with both Apple’s iPad 2 and the new iPad, pairing a smart case with Bluetooth keyboard. Logitech(s logi) says if you use the keyboard for two hours per day, the batteries should last for six months.

I’ve never even entertained the thought of a keyboard accessory for my iPad, mainly because I don’t type long prose on it, but given the look and functionality the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover provides, I’m tempted to get one. I’d likely use the iPad more often as a result.

Aside from the Apple look-and-feel, Logitech made good use of the iPad’s internal magnets. Closing the case puts your iPad to sleep and of course, opening the case will wake your tablet. Magnetic hinges, similar to those on Apple’s own Smart Cover, keep the iPad attached to the case. For keyboard use, you simply place the iPad in a slotted grove above the keyboard’s top row of keys: A simple but elegant looking solution.



Sooooo we’re to buy an iPad that does 50% less then a Macbook Air, and then buy a keyboard that pretty much makes it a laptop.

Why not just buy a macbook air?


I agree. The price of an iPad 64GB plus this logitech keyboard/cover is only $200 cheaper than the 11″ 64GB MBA.

Idon't Know

Because you can use a keyboard when you want to. Pretty easy to understand.

Idon't Know

Its not a laptop but sometimes its got a keyboard. Not really that hard to comprehend.


I’m quite certain you are the one who is having difficulty comprehending. The mere fact that so many need a keyboard for the iPad is indicative to how many people really want a thin and light laptop.

Michael Grant

I’m seeing no pictures of it being used with the iPad in portrait mode—here or on Logitech’s site. Can it be used that way without tipping over?

Jason Thomas

I bought a Zaggfolio and haven’t touched my MacBook Pro since. I am far more productive with notifications off and one app open at a time. With apps keeping data in the cloud, I can’t imagine ever using a laptop again. They seem old and clunky and HUGE now. I use the iPad for everything, 10hrs minimum a day. I like that the zaggfolio is also a protective case and is as thin as this looks.

Staci D. Kramer

Looks almost ultrabook-ish. First time I’ve been tempted by an iPad keyboard.


A practical idea, in the meantime, funny this is how gadget evolves… laptop to netbook… iPad (2 etc.)… then back to laptop

Michael Grant

Perhaps, but this is detachable. That’s a big difference.

Idon't Know

It was never a netbook.
This doesn’t make it a laptop.

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