Chrome for Android improves with desktop view and more

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Google’s(s goog) Chrome browser for Android is still in beta, yet it keeps improving quickly. The software launched in early February and has seen a few updates; the latest being on Tuesday. The browser, only supported on Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets, gains support for 31 additional languages and adds new features that make a great browser even better.

One of the key functions added, at least in my opinion, is the ability to see a website in desktop view. With many of the Android 4.0 devices using larger, higher resolution screens, these can handle full desktop sites and don’t need to rely on mobile-friendly versions. That doesn’t mean Chrome for Android doesn’t work well with mobile sites — far from it — but users should always have the option to view a site in the way they prefer.

The new software release, available in the Google Play store, also adds the ability to save browser bookmarks on a home screen for fast, one-tap access. You can also choose which apps open certain links.  That’s useful, for example, on an email link; if you use the Email app in lieu of Gmail, you can associate mail links with the appropriate program. Also supported are proxy over Wi-Fi settings for those who use them to browse.

Chrome for Android is still maturing, but I already prefer it over most other browsers. The new features make it more comparable with my old favorite, Dolphin HD, which is also a great app. I tend to use Chrome more often however, due to its ability to show my open tabs on the desktop through Google’s Chrome browser. And I particularly like the feature that zooms on links when the browser isn’t sure which you tapped; helpful on a small screen. Here’s a quick look at an earlier version of Chrome for Android on my Galaxy Nexus smartphone:

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I’m using the Ninesky browser which bears Chromium emblem, only in green though. It’s fast and light with features. The feature that got was the “low carbon” feature. One can turn off the images in a website.

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