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MobileTechRoundup podcast 265: Two Galaxy Notes and a new smartwatch

MoTR 265 is 67 minutes long and is a 56.4 MB file in MP3 format.

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Lumia 900(s nok) is here, broken and already fixed
  • Galaxy Note impressions – LTE vs International edition?
  • Galaxy Tab 2 at $249: geeks will love, but mainstream consumers may stick with Kindle Fire / Nook Tablet
  • Kevin really likes the MotoActv(s mmi) – may finally stop running with a smartphone
  • Placeme app: full time tracking. Good, bad or inevitable?
  • HTC One X and One S (International models)
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4 Responses to “MobileTechRoundup podcast 265: Two Galaxy Notes and a new smartwatch”

  1. @Kevin:
    Don’t forget considering the old Kindle Keyboard 3g+Wifi
    It gives you free AT&T 3g in the US and some overseas countries, NOT ONLY for amazon & wikipedia but the entire web on its experimental browser.[I use it @ the beach to read RSS feeds, Gmail and to text using Google Voice]. It is the only Kindlle 3g device that allows you to do so. Obviously the browsing experience isn’t optimal but useful.

    Does the MotoActv have a metronome built in or would I need to create an mp3 file [I’d like to get myself to a regular 180-190 cadence]

    @Kevin & @Matt:
    Is the Galaxy Note a great outdoor device on a sunshiny day? I live on Maui & would like to use it regularly at the beach. Or is it just so-so, e.g. is it at least as good as the Nokia N810?

    Thanks to both of you for your interesting podcasts and overall blogging.

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    • Thanks for the kind words and questions, Alex. We actually have a Kindle 2 with the 3G + WiFi, but I like the new eInk displays and the much smaller size of the Kindle Touch. The 3G is a nice feature but for any of those activities you mentioned, it’s actually a better experience to just use the smartphone I’d have with or nearby. There’s no metronome on the MotoActv, so you’d need to create your own or find music with the right bpm. :( As far as the Galaxy Note outdoors, it’s certainly usable. I don’t have an N810 any longer, so I can’t compare, unfortunately.

  2. Doug Marbo

    A removable battery is a necessity, especially if you are using custom roms on an Android phone. Sometimes you just need to remove the battery to turn off the phone. So, along with not having microSD slots, this is a reason that the One X and One S are not on my list of phones I might get.