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The weekend review: Pinterest, iPads and batteries

GigaOM Pro readers went for variety this week: Articles about the current and future prospects of mobile devices, social networks and big data all ranked at the top of our latest popularity rankings.

The week’s biggest article was “Flash analysis: future opportunities for Pinterest,” Mike Wolf’s breakdown of last month’s survey of nearly 300 GigaOM and GigaOM Pro readers. The report examines Pinterest’s rapid growth and the potential opportunities (and pitfalls) that lie in store for the social network on its quest for a smart monetization strategy.

Next, David Ohara looks at big data from an enterprise leadership approach in “The big machine: creating value out of machine-driven big data.” Ohara outlines important distinctions between big data and business intelligence and looks at how companies can start leveraging big data, particularly the machine data that most businesses already produce as part of their daily operations.

Last, in “Why tomorrow’s iPad will need a battery breakthrough,” Katie Fehrenbacher looks at the future of lithium-ion batteries that fuel mobile devices such as the iPad. The growing prevalence of high-resolution displays, LTE connectivity and other power-hungry features on tablets and other devices underscores the need (by Apple as well as other manufacturers) to develop more energy-efficient solutions, and soon.

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