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The probe of former CEO Brian Dunn’s “personal conduct” announced yesterday by Best Buy’s board of directors turns out to involve “an alleged relationship with a female subordinate,” according to the Wall Street Journal this morning. I guess you sort of knew that was coming. Even before Dunn’s abrupt resignation, however, Best Buy was reeling, a victim of “showrooming,” and struggling to compete with online competition. As Michael Silverstein of Boston Consulting Group told The Economist, “Electronics retailing is in disarray.” That disarray isn’t just a function of the shift to e-commerce happening across the retail spectrum. It’s partly due to a shift in consumer electronics themselves. As more of the features and functionality of devices are based on the software they’re running, rather than the electronics per se, the hardware itself is simply not as important to consumers’ purchase decisions. You don’t need to go into the store to get a feel for how a new device works if you already know how the software works. And no amount of beefed up in-store customer service can really change that dynamic.