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Did Boxee only sell 200,000 boxes?

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The total number of Boxee Box users is around 200,000, according to a tweet sent out by the company Wednesday. The tweet also revealed that Boxee now has a total of 2 million users, if you include users of the discontinued PC client.

Usage numbers of CE devices don’t necessarily translate to sales numbers – in theory, consumers could have bought a device without ever connecting it – but it’s safe to assume that the number of boxes sold isn’t that much higher.

The revelation comes just a few days after D-Link, which manufactures and sells the Boxee Box, introduced another device that addresses some of the same needs at a much cheaper price point. The new MovieNite streamer, which sells exclusively at Walmart (s WMT) for less than $50, offers access to Vudu, YouTube (s GOOG) and Netflix. (s NFLX) A D-Link spokesperson told me that the two devices don’t compete with each other, with Boxee offering more advanced features like local file playback and access to broadcast TV.

Boxee’s sales numbers are certainly low, but still in line with an industry-wide trend: Smart TV set-top boxes haven’t reached a wider audience, and sales have often been below expectations.

We revealed earlier this year that less than there are less than one million Google TV devices being used in people’s households. Roku recently fell short of its own goal to sell three million boxes, instead selling 2.5 million devices in three years, despite a recent massive marketing campaign. The only company able to move higher numbers has been Apple (s AAPL). The company revealed in January that it has sold 4.2 million Apple TVs.

(Thanks Dave Zatz!)

18 Responses to “Did Boxee only sell 200,000 boxes?”

  1. I’ve owned a BB for 2 years, I own a Roku, a WD Live, I kids who own Apple – the BB is still the leader for my needs as I’m dumping DirecTV (& former DishNetwork). Streaming of my local movie content off my WHS (1000 movies & counting) is awesome, a recently installed HDTV Antenna/rotor in attic with 28 local channels in HD on the BB is amazing – better than DTV feed! Navi-X movies – although not always reliable I’ve had more success than not with excellent content available, Netflix is very good – how can you fault a $150 product plus $50 OTA Live TV? I’m paying $109 month for 250 channels from DTV – nothing but crap to watch. Cons – of course there is – nothing running off Internet is fool-proof, yes the updates have been a hit and miss but BB is committed to fixing it! Price vs value combined with flexibility – it’s not even close. BB is the winner. Walmart/VUDU new diital conversion of movie disks – what a joke! Spend that money on equipment and do it yourself at a fraction of the price – WHS are selling at $299, MS WHS 2011 can be found for $42.00 – this is amazing prices and every household should have one – the knowledge to setup is minimal unless you’re a moron. The overall goal should be “control” of your own content and not a slave to providers or huge studios – the means is out there and people have a limited time to take advantage of it – at some point it will be controlled by the industry and/or Government.

  2. It’s a shame it hasn’t taken off. But even as a reasonably happy BB user I can see why. Too expensive, not enough awareness & often shoddy software. A lot of the firmware updates have not been up to scratch.

    But when it does work it is great for local file organization visually and playback in pretty much any format up to HD quality. And a cheaper way than hooking up a home theatre PC up to your TV with XBMC, which was the reason I opted for the BB.

    I don’t know how widespread it is but it is really useful internationally to access Netflix on your TV with it’s in-built VPN.

    And there is a lot of great apps like TWiT, reddit TV, TED, Spotify, revision3, YouTube, Pandora to name just a few. Many niche apps and of course repositories you can install yourself that open up lots of content. It seems a precursor to what Apple will most likely be like when it releases iPanel or a truly appified Apple TV. Only Apple will probably do it in a much better way sans local file playback I’d hazard to say.

    It’s probably a pipe dream to hope for Boxee Box 2.0 hardware the way those sales numbers look, but I will be one dreaming.

  3. Todd Jolley

    If they didn’t have that moronic design, they would have sold a LOT more of the things. Count me as one who refused to buy one due to the stupid design choice they made. I predicted back when they unveiled the stupid design that it would be a horrible failure in the market. Called that one.

    I do hope they release a 2.0 version that has a sensible media stack friendly design..before they go bankrupt.

  4. I have two Boxee Boxes and after seeing mine my close friend has one now as well. My whole family loves them and we rarely have any problems (high resolution flash video can cause problems). They provide a key piece in our setup for dropping cable TV. I looked at the other options but was not impressed. I am interested in local media only however, I do not use or intend to use and of the streaming services.

    • I like my boxee box, but yeah, almost entirely for local streaming. i find it can be buggy and freeze occasionally. but when it comes to local playback, it is awesome. it plays everything!

      • I have three of them as I got a bit excited initially and wanted one for each room. I’ve been using them for about a year now.

        – 1080p
        – pulls from many apps, websites, networks, so you don’t have to goto the websites and watch content on a PC via xVGA cable
        – cheaper than Dish TV; but this is an argument for all streaming platforms
        – Many movies using Navix repository
        – Easy to access apps like youtube, Netflix, Slingbox, etc
        – streaming fast forward is working now

        – still very buggy, as James Kelly said, I’m also forced to manually reboot when system locks up
        – streaming from some networks isn’t always reliable
        – streaming from many movie sites aren’t reliable
        – boxee live for local broadcasting works well, but is an added cost. This should be included or at least provided as a significant discount
        – much more expensive then other options. I haven’t checked out XBMC but will do so for future


    • likefunbutnot

      Er, the Boxee hardware doesn’t actually support DLNA. It has limited support for UPNP, a subset of DLNA, but in my experience, while it is able to list shared content on DLNA media servers, it fails to actually start playback of anything. I checked with DLink and was told that this is a feature they hoped to add in a future software update.

      The Boxee interface is nice, especially the remote, but I have to echo the sentiment that it’s just not a very good platform compared to xbmc.

  5. I’m now glad boxee stopped supporting pc clients an their last release was a crash monkey, or I would never have tried plex.
    I miss some of the social stuff, but I realise now how much I was being marketed to. annoying as I can’t even use any of those paid services anyway outside of the USA.
    Plex however, unencumbered by the need to play nice with the media giants, is a MUCH better media server. One machine host the server, plex clients everywhere just at the content. If I watch a show on my iPad, it marks it as watched in the server, and stops showing up in the unwatched list on my pc, on my phone, and everywhere else. Got a movie on YouTube that won’t play on a mobile device because of licence restrictions, the you tube plugin for plex just streams it through the server. Awesome!

  6. Nikato Muirhead

    The price is too high, and the fact that they discontinued boxee for PC and Win, Mac, and Linux, turned me off. I have been with Boxee for so long, since before the brooklyn meet up, it is a shame that they let big media boss them around so much. Even with all the Boxee has done to screw their users, Big media still won’t let boxee box receive unencrypted cable feed. $99 is the magic #.

  7. James Kelly

    I purchased it and returned. The device is very buggy — biggest thing is it froze alot requiring you to go to the box and manually restart it.

  8. Viljo Viitanen

    I say boxee’s sun is setting, and it didn’t rise quite high.

    Cheaper (android based?) devices will run over it, or “smart tv” like at least Sony and Samsung have. For now you have to code separately for each manufacturer (and probably api version), but that’s the case for boxee too. Boxee has even deprecated its python api, it’s all html5 web apps now.

  9. Kaldesh

    I lost all interest in Boxee when they went to ‘box only’ for their software. It’s based on XBMC and XBMC is a better alternative since the release of 11.0. They betrayed their users and hopefully the reap the rewards of said betrayal.