A behind-the-scenes look at how an Apple iPad is made


After debunking Mike Daisey’s lies about the working conditions and policies at Foxconn, Apple’s most important contract manufacturer, Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz was allowed rare access to a Foxconn factory floor in China.

With a video camera he captured the process that produces an Apple iPad(s AAPL), showing the tablet being built as it moves from station to station throughout the plant, starting with its motherboard, smaller components and battery, to the installation of the touchscreen display and ending with last-minute tests of the device’s gyroscope.

Here’s the video:


John Barrows

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Tiffany Devereaux Heindel

$7 a day?? Holy crap … that just seems wrong. Kind of bums me out. I’m a huge Apple fan, but this sucks. Does this salary even come close to meeting the expenses a family incurs? The factory seems clean and I like that they rotate the assembly job workers to avoid boredom, though.


I heard $14 per day and that doubles after two years when I watched the video on a PC since it was invisible to my Mac…oops that is a so-called “first world problem”!

Viewing from a more appropriate perspective…
One must consider what most people in China earn. Workers at FoxConn probably make more than most people in China. They would probably not be lining up in the hundreds to work if that was not the case. Comparing their wages to those in North America is not valid.


$7/day may seem small to an American but more than enough for people in MANY countries where cost of living is many times lower. We should stop imposing our western imperialism onto others because we live in completely different world. Those Foxconn workers are being paid much more than if they remain in the countryside. They do send $ back home to support their family.


Life is soooo cheap there !!!! Don’t compAre it with USA :) , I live in gaza , palestne and 600$ for my family is enough … Don’t compare evErything with USA

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