Small miracle: HP PCs outgrow Mac for Q1


Considering the barely contained disaster that the mobile and PC side of Hewlett-Packard’s(s HPQ) business has been over the last year, today represents some welcome news: HP PCs sales grew at a faster rate during the first quarter of 2012 than Apple’s(s AAPL) Mac sales in the U.S.

According to IDC numbers released Wednesday, HP sold 4.6 million PCs in the U.S. during the quarter, a growth rate of 6.6 percent. Apple sold roughly 1.7 million Macs, a growth rate of just 5 percent over the previous quarter.

It’s true that HP is the world’s largest producer of computers by a long shot — it has 18 percent marketshare worldwide and 28 percent in the U.S. But Apple’s computers — especially its MacBooks — have become a surprising success story for the company in the last year or so. The company’s marketshare doesn’t even register in the top five globally, but in the U.S. Apple has worked its way up to the third-largest computer maker with about a 10 percent share. And its sales growth rates have far surpassed its competition over the last few quarters — in the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple was up 18 percent while HP was down a whopping 25 percent year over year. So this last quarter was a significant improvement for HP.

Meanwhile, as expected, the rest of the market saw a bare minimum of growth — 2.3 percent worldwide. But that’s a bit more inspiring than the previous quarter, which saw a .17 percent decline in shipments from the previous year.


Doug Sparkman

Remember HP was down 25% the quarter before so they came up 6.6% off of the down 25%. That means they were still down a bunch compared to former numbers. Apple is on the upswing every quarter. Due to price, Apple will probably never approach number one, but Mercedes will never be the biggest selling car maker either.


why is it called a “small miracle” if hp owns so much more of the market share anyway? seems like it should have been expected, no?

Peter Scott

Could HP’s increase be inflated buy the drop it saw in sales after the bungled move to offload the division was announced?

George Wedding

This quarter, many Mac buyers are waiting for the new generation of iMacs and MacBook laptops to ship.

Adrian Werner

At the same time PC customers are also waiting for the prices raised by HD shortagest to finally start going down.


It’s actually HDD not HD. And the fact that people are buying less pcs are not so much because they are “waiting” but because the entire pc industry has been in a slump.

Rob Sturtz

It could be that Apple’s sales growth slowed a bit due to the pending updates to the Macbook Pro line, which seems to be not a very well kept secret.


This Mac lover didn’t replace his obsolete MacBook because he can’t stand Lion.


This one too. Heck, after seeing mountain lion he went and got a ThinkPad to put windows 8 beta on it.


Interesting omission of just how bad practically every other pc company did of course. That’s objectivity for you. For once the headline is actually more accurate than the body of the story.

Adrian Werner

Bad? You mean like lenovo growing 8 times faster than Mac and ASUS growing 5 times faster ? :D


Let them have a win without the condescending tone. Healthy competition is good for everyone.

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