New Google Currents fixes syncing, goes international

Google(s GOOG) says it has fixed one of the biggest problems with its Currents mobile news reader app–glacial content syncing–while also rolling out to international publishers with a new update released Wednesday.

Google Currents 1.1 will allow publishers based outside the U.S. to add their content to the app and all publishers to take advantage of Google’s translation technology and let readers in other countries understand that content. But the most welcome change is the improved syncing feature, which was quite frustrating in the first version when trying to quickly load fresh content for a commute or plane ride during which online access would be spotty.

Content will now be “dynamically delivered,” Google said. I’m going to assume that means “faster,” but Google also said that the new syncing method would use “a minimum of your phone or tablet’s battery, bandwidth and storage.”

Google Currents was the company’s answer to mobile news reader apps like Flipboard, Zite and Pulse, but it doesn’t seem to have put much of a dent in the growth of those companies. Zite just announced a new publisher program with several brand-name publishers, which was one of Google’s main advantages when it launched Currents last year.