Google launches the “power of the internet” campaign


Google (s GOOG), not unexpectedly, is an opponent of any legislation that tries to change how the Internet works (as long it is to its own advantage, of course) and as such, was very vocal about the dreaded SOPA/PIPA legislations that were being foisted upon US Internet users. Thanks to our collective (and massive) hue-and-cry, the PR-sensitive politicians backtracked from those two legislations. (Here is our handy guide on SOPA & PIPA from a newbie’s perspective.)

However, as my colleague Stacey Higginbotham has been tirelessly reporting, the first battle might be over, but the war still rages on. SOPA, for instance was reborn as ACTA. Today, Google announced a new project – Take Action – that asks you to tell your story about the Internet and share it with the social web. Its whole motive: build grassroots momentum and keep the politicians on their proverbial back-foot.

Here is what Google says on the take action website:

What is the power of the Internet to you? This is just the first step in building a conversation around the future of the Internet. We hope you’ll join in by sharing your own story. Complete the sentence, “The Internet is the power to…” and share it using the tag #OurWeb.

While the push and pull of business and politics will continue, the lasting and most forceful power on the Internet is you. So stand up and be heard – start a conversation about how the web empowers you, makes you more productive, or just makes you laugh.

This tree reflects a small piece of the value of the web, and how together the Internet has grown into an incredibly powerful force for good in the world. To say that the web has created jobs is an understatement; it’s spurred the development of an entirely new sector and completely remade every industry that came before it.

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve changed the way the world communicates, how we work, and the way we share with one another. Take a look, appreciate what it means, and share your own story.



the internet is the most free asset in the world today,i agree with you dmd extra,there alot of potentials in the net,information,meeting people,libraries,voicing your opinions and sharing pics and Killeen Real Estate


I just hope Google means it because google no longer just gives the articles for a search they give the profiled search results


The internet is the power to stop Google from also sending us profiled search results and give us just the facts!!!!

Sargo Darya

Just wanted to mention that ACTA was planned BEFORE SOPA for the EU.

Q3 technologies

I think this is a great initiative by Google. At least they’re using their popularity and stronghold in providing the user a great platform to speak their voice.
The governments will try and break the spirit of the internet by trying to pass illogical laws but we as users will define the internet at the end.
Cheers to Google (its been a while)!

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