Coming soon: the Twitter story penned by the Times’ Nick Bilton

I am in New York, and obviously meeting a lot people in the publishing business. Word on the street is that Nick Bilton, the technology columnist at The New York Times, has just agreed to a deal with Penguin Portfolio for a book about Twitter. The book is slated for publication by the end of 2013. His first book, titled I live in the future and here’s how it works, was published by Crown Publishing.

Bilton, who previously worked as a researcher in The Times’ R&D Labs, currently writes the Disruptions column and covers companies such as Twitter and Square for his paper. So he’s very familiar with co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams and other members of the Twitter braintrust.

While the book doesn’t have a name yet, the pitch is that the book will use Twitter’s story to talk about the post-social revolution in Silicon Valley and how it has impacted the tech industry. Bilton is not responding to my messages. Maybe he is worried that I am going to ask him about the big “six figure” advance he is supposed to have received.