The three horsemen of the enterprise collaboration apocalypse


Three technologies are revolutionizing enterprise collaboration. IT organizations that can’t accommodate social, mobile and cloud computing effectively will be overwhelmed. GigaOM Pro forecasts suggest the majority of business computing will be cloud-based in five years and half the devices on corporate networks will be mobile. Meanwhile, social media — largely driven by consumer experiences, especially for the generation of Millennials now entering the workforce — is permeating corporate collaboration and computing, demanding ease of use, anywhere access and social network–style communications.

IT must adapt and adopt these consumer-driven technologies or be shuffled aside as line-of-business management takes over collaboration tech budget decisions.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following topics:

  • How social, mobile and cloud technologies will change enterprise collaboration
  • Which collaboration tools must integrate with legacy CRM and ERP and how
  • How IT can best accommodate employees who bring in their own devices
  • How this new environment will revolutionize IT organizations
  • How IT can design a process to future-proof itself

Our panel of experts includes:

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