Blog Post sues ‘Adult dating’ site XXXmatch

A popular singles site that promises “Love is complicated, is simple” is taking issue with a website that claims “Love is complicated, sex is simple.”

In a trademark suit filed in Virginia federal court, Match claims the adult matchmaker has no right to use the names “” or “”

Texas-based Match claims it is the biggest site in the world for dating and relationships and that “consumers are likely to be confused or misled into believing” that the adult sites are related to Match.

The features a scantily clad woman who invites users choose from a variety of categories like “Man” or “lesbian couple.”

Match is asking for a court order forbidding the use of “xxxmatch” or the slogan “Love is complicated, sex is simple.” Match also wants the defendants, who are based in California and the Caribbean, to turn over their profits. launched in 1995 and claims to have signed up 15 million members since then.

Here’s  a copy of the complaint:

Match vs. XXXmatch

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