Hipmunk adds calendar integration to mobile apps

Travel search startup Hipmunk is rolling out updated versions of its mobile apps, which will automatically take into account events that are already on your calendar when trying to book travel. It does that through integration with popular calendar programs such as Microsoft’s Outlook, (s MSFT) Google Calendar (s GOOG) and Apple’s iCal. (s AAPL)

The new apps, which are available Thursday for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, will add an additional level of personalization to a service that already tries to make travel planning a lot easier and more fun. When users try to book flights, for instance, meetings that conflict with flights will show up on screen. Meanwhile, the app takes into account the location of meetings when you try to book hotels, showing lodgings nearby.

Doing so could limit the need for users to jump between different apps, either on their mobile devices or by switching between devices — like browsing an iCal calendar on their PCs while trying to book travel on their iPads. Instead, pretty much everything is shown on-screen all at once.

Frankly, Hipmunk is already one of my favorite apps — I used it to help book a three-city trip between San Francisco, New York City and Austin, Texas around South By Southwest time — and this update should make it even better.