Pottermore sold over $1.5m worth of Harry Potter e-books in 3 days

Pottermore sales were “considerably higher than I expected,” said Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne on a Radio Litopia show, “The Naked Book,” this afternoon.

Redmayne said Pottermore sold over £1 million worth of e-books, about $1.59 million at £0.63 pounds to the dollar.

The Harry Potter e-books are priced at $7.99 each (for the first three) or $9.99 each (for the final four books in the series). Assuming an average price of $9.13, that means around 164,000 copies were sold in the first three days.

Earlier today, I wrote a post asking how well the Harry Potter e-books are selling — then went on to say that it’s tough to gauge because they won’t appear on Kindle or Nook bestseller lists. But now there’s an actual figure for ya.

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