Koding comes out of private beta, puts programming in the cloud

Koding has come out of private beta with a cloud-based development platform that allows programmers to immediately start building and testing out code without having to worry about different development frameworks or things like domain management. The platform gives everyone access to a free server, where they can login and begin coding directly from their web browser.

Koding has a full stack of languages available for developers, without requiring them to set up local development environments. The platform runs as a Linux development server in the browser that can run Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl and Node.js, among other languages. By making those languages available through its own back end, developers can quickly get right down to writing code.

In addition to the browser-based development tools, Koding has also built a developer community to share code and helps newbies learn the ropes. The startup is trying to differentiate itself from more mature developer communities, like GitHub, where the pros can be a little… intimidating. It has more than 40,000 beta users already signed up with a built-in community for asking questions and finding other developers to work with.

While Koding is finally launching to programmers and developers, it’s still asking them to request an invite before totally opening up. The startup recently raised a $2 million Series A round of financing, which was led by RTP Ventures and Greycroft Partners.