Cord Cutters: A first look at Plex for Roku


Roku owners can get a whole lot out of the new Plex channel that was released just a few days ago: Plex brings YouTube (s GOOG) to Roku, allows personal media sharing and offers access to your personal video library. Check it out in the latest episode of Cord Cutters:

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Have you used Plex on Roku, or do you prefer a different media server? Please share your thoughts in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @



At first I had trouble getting the Plex on my Roku to see the Plex server on my PC but once I got that working it was great. Originally I had an old PC connected to my TV running Boxee which worked well enough but there were some challenges with seeing everything on the network and I had to use the mouse and keyboard as a remote. Now I can see all the content on my network through the Roku Box using Plex which is faster, doesn’t need to boot up and uses less power and I can use the Roku remote. If only Roku didn’t make me side scroll through all my channels to find the one I want I’d say that with the addition of Plex, it’s almost the perfect box.


When I first tried to get it up and running, I had a hell of a time getting Plex on my Roku to see the Plex server on my PC. I actually gave up and went back to it the next day and now it sees everything and works great. I have already disconnected my PC from the TV because Plex sees everything I have shared on the network. I was using Boxee on a makeshift HTPC but now I do it all on the Roku box and Plex. Now I’m going to buy another Roku box for my other TV. This is great! Now to get the Roku box interface improved. There’s got to be a better way to display all my channels.


I’ve tried several times to get Plex to work on my computer and Roku, but it was intermittent at best..I could never figure out how to get my pictures,videos and audio to steam to the Roku so i deleted it and tried it from scratch again with no luck …I’ll try one more time if anyone has a good idea how to get it to work


I agree that Plex is buggy and slow, at least at the user interface level on the PC.

desert flower

Downloaded it and now I am huge problems on my Mac! I will never try this again.
Not ready for primetime, may have to take my Mac to Apple store for support.

Driving Innovation

I actually use the Playon Media Server instead, and I can get ALL my cable channels live through it. I tried Plex about a month ago and was NOT impressed: Most of the channels they advertise on their website were “disabled” for Roku – and it was most of the GOOD channels. All I found was a bunch of off-beat, unknown channels nobody wants to watch. It crashed several times while I was trying to stream movies from my computer, and overall, Plex was a NIGHTMARE to setup on my computer. It’s a HUGE problem to setup if you have a personal firewall or anti-virus that checks for potentially “malicious” network connections. I was NOT impressed


I use PLEX most of the time, however,I have noticed that it doesn’t play ALL my videos, sometimes it just doesn’t either support the file, or there’s something screwy with it. But I also use PlayOn, same kind of thing, it has a 2 week free trial, but you don’t have to continue it, and still stream your media with the free version :)


Well, I can’t speak to how good Plex is on the Roku, but I can say that Plex on the Western Digital TV Live is excellent. Now that Plex supports DLNA, I can stream 1080P files through my XBox 360 or my WD TV Live or any other DLNA client. If people are saying it’s slow, my guess (and it’s only a guess since everyone’s setup is different) is that the computer that has the Plex Media Server (PMS) is a little slow (older processor perhaps). This matters when you try to transcode content. But make no mistake, Plex is probably the single biggest benefit to half of the problems the Roku faces (poor local media playback, YouTube, etc.)

Claude Millette

I”m from Canada I Find it Unfortunate to Pay for a Roku Box Threw PayPal I Look in the mail 12 Days in a Row All Exited like When I Got my 1st Crazy Carpet at 6 Years Old!Finally I Call Roku and let them Know.15 Minutes later they told me We Don”t Ship to Canada.Ah I Said I paid 22.99 extra to get it ship here and this is the answer you give me.I Said Do That Tiny Purple Box is more than 20 Pounds??Anyway Dissapointed and still areGonna Have to Settle for Any Suggestion Anyone?

Earl Haggar

Why not have it mailed to a friend or relative in the U.S. A better idea would be just to buy one off They are sold there as well, it doesn’t have to come from the And I’ll Ebay Canda takes PayPal.


They ship to Canada now !!!!!!!! Roku is now officially in Canada……


Claude, you can order the $99 Roku from Wal-mart and by the way, the box weighs less than 1 lb….I LOVE ours….great little box


I think they need to add a few more Play buttons before you can load a Youtube video

Divergent Trend

No interested. The beauty of Roku is that it’s a simple little box that you just plug and start watching from. Requiring a media server and whatever else defeats that.

Figure out how to take the PC out of the equation and fix the performance issues then try again.


Plex is a mess. Much like what is seen in the demo, it is slow with constant issues with channel/plugins, audio issues, and audio-video sync issues

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