More like watch it later: video is huge on Read It Later

Instapaper competitor Read It Later revealed a little secret Tuesday morning: Many times, its users don’t actually read anything at all, and instead bookmark videos to watch them at a later time.

From the Read It Later blog:

“In the past year alone, video saves using Read It Later have grown by more than 138 percent, and YouTube (s GOOG) is now the No. 1 most-saved domain in all of Read It Later.”

The blog post was accompanied by the following chart showing how video bookmarks have grown over the last year:

And here chart showing the most popular video bookmarking services in the site:

Read It Later embraced video bookmarking by adding support for in-app video streaming two years ago. It’s success with video is remarkable, if only for the reason that it points to a lot of potential for video centric bookmarking and curation services.

Granted, there are a number of competitors in this field: relaunched with a Pinterest-like take on video aggregation earlier this year, and both Boxee and Plex have been offering their users a personal queue to bookmark videos and then watch them on their media center at a later time.