More like watch it later: video is huge on Read It Later


Instapaper competitor Read It Later revealed a little secret Tuesday morning: Many times, its users don’t actually read anything at all, and instead bookmark videos to watch them at a later time.

From the Read It Later blog:

“In the past year alone, video saves using Read It Later have grown by more than 138 percent, and YouTube (s GOOG) is now the No. 1 most-saved domain in all of Read It Later.”

The blog post was accompanied by the following chart showing how video bookmarks have grown over the last year:

And here chart showing the most popular video bookmarking services in the site:

Read It Later embraced video bookmarking by adding support for in-app video streaming two years ago. It’s success with video is remarkable, if only for the reason that it points to a lot of potential for video centric bookmarking and curation services.

Granted, there are a number of competitors in this field: relaunched with a Pinterest-like take on video aggregation earlier this year, and both Boxee and Plex have been offering their users a personal queue to bookmark videos and then watch them on their media center at a later time.



Janko, there’s a spelling error in offering. It says “offfering” with three “t”s. On another note, video bookmarking really does make life easier.

Nicole Solis

Thanks for letting us know, alloyoona. We fixed the typo!

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