Making data more human: Jer Thorp [Video]


I loved this talk by Jer Thorp, currently the data-artist-in-residence at The New York Times. His work has appeared in my publications but it is the first time I have seem him speak about humanizing data. This talk for Tedx Vancouver is highly recommended.



Hearing people who join a passion for technology, information, and humanity together really provokes a lot of thought. It would be so much better if the massive collection of information we are collecting (and giving to others) was only treated in such a way. Instead, we allow it to be commercialized and used as a tool to gain financial advantage over us.

Caroline Kawashima

Thanks for sharing this Om. I loved Jer’s perspective on how data can have real meaning when considered in a human context. Certainly makes you think about our own issues with privacy, and how this type of shift in thinking could potentially change our views.

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