Google TV is coming to Europe this September

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Sony (s SNE) will start selling Google (s GOOG) TV-based products in Europe in September, according to a report by Les Echos.

The site reports comments by Sony France marketing director Stephane Labrousse that the CE maker will sell two devices: A set-top box which will go on sale for €200 ($266) and a box with an integrated Blu-ray player that will sell for €300 ($399). Labrousse confirmed the launch in France, and Les Echos is reporting that it could launch in Spain, Germany and the U.K. at the same time as well.

Also worth noting is that the new Sony boxes will apparently have a Google Play button on their remote controls, giving direct access to Google’s app and content store. The box will also come with Sony’s own content offerings, including Music Unlimited.

Google TV has so far only been available in the U.S., but Sony said at CES that it would make its devices available internationally in 2012 as well. This is, however, the first time the company has provided a clear timeline for its plans to enter the European market, as well as a price — which is high, one should add.

Google’s problem in the U.S. was that the first batch of Google TV devices was too expensive for consumers.

The second generation of Google TV devices, due to go on sale this year from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio, is based on ARM’s (s ARMH) chips instead of Intel’s, (s INTC) which is meant to bring the price down considerably. However, in light of the European pricing, one has to wonder whether the CPU platform switch will really have that much of an impact.

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I think those rumors are fake. I think the ARM Powered Google TV is 50€ and to be available in Q2 2012, not Q3.

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