Today in Connected Consumer

Last month, Om wrote about Google’s weakness for “me-too-ism” — it’s seeming inability to predict where consumer technology is going and then being forced to copy with Apple, Facebook or someone else is already doing. According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, Google is about to do it again, by setting up an online store to promote sales of Android tablets, including one under its own brand to be built by Motorola Mobility. Henry Blodget at Business Insider thinks Google has no choice at this point because Google failed to grasp the fundamental differences between the smartphone retail channel, which is dominated by wireless carries, and the tablet market, which runs through traditional retail channels, and let Apple, and even Amazon get miles and miles ahead of it in tablets. Now Google will once again try to me-too its rivals by opening its own tablet store online. It has a job of work ahead of it to catch up at this point.