Apple CEO suits up at Foxconn factory

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Credit: Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg

Apple(s AAPL) CEO Tim Cook is in China, as we wrote earlier this week. But it’s not just to shake hands with foreign leaders and executives. On Wednesday, Cook took a tour of a new iPhone factory owned by its contract manufacturer Foxconn in Zhengzhou, China, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Apple released official photos taken by the company’s own photographer of the tour. Here’s one of photos Apple supplied to Bloomberg, with Cook on the left:

Credit: Bowen Liu/Apple Inc. via Bloomberg

It’s a fortuitous photo opp: Apple’s relationship with the workers at Foxconn’s plants in China has become the subject of intense scrutiny and concern following Apple’s own published audit reports, reporting from The New York Times and the now-known-to-be-fabricated accusations from monologist Mike Daisey.

In January after the stories of overworked, underaged Chinese workers on iPhone and iPad assembly lines began to circulate, Cook wrote to his employees that he was “outraged” by the accusation that Apple didn’t care about the workers in its suppliers’ factories.

“We care about every worker,” he told a Goldman Sachs investor conference last month. A meet and greet with those on the assembly lines is one way to demonstrate that.

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Jonathan Gebauer

Nice, I always get comparisons about Facebook being bigger than a country, but it’s Apple behaving like one. At least it seems to have a “foreign policy”. :)


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