FuzeBox video conferencing ready for iPad’s Retina display

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly mobile: Participants are no longer required to sit in a big telepresence room to connect with coworkers or partners or to collaborate on projects. Increasingly, devices like the iPad are enabling those workers to be just as productive anywhere they happen to be. Which is why FuzeBox is coming out with a new iPad(s AAPL) app that is optimized for the device’s new Retina display and 4G wireless connectivity.

I had a demo of Fuze HD for iPad earlier this week, and have to say I’m pretty impressed, not just with the quality of the video — it shoots and displays 1080p HD video — but also the number of collaboration tools that are included. The app allows multiparty chat with up to 10 participants, as well as interoperability with a number of different high-end telepresence systems, ensuring that users can connect with colleagues and partners regardless of the hardware they use. It also gives them the option to record, display and share video directly from the tablet.

In addition to screen and video sharing, there’s also a ton of collaboration features built in, with users able to share documents and annotate them in real-time. FuzeBox has even built a touch-based laser pointer into the app so that users can highlight images or documents that they’re sharing.

The new display enables Retina-quality images and video, but Fuze for iPad HD also gets a speed boost from the new iPad’s 4G LTE connectivity. Users can download content about 10 times faster than before if they used cellular service, with uploads happening at twice the previous speeds over 3G. Latency has also been hugely reduced — it’s down by 50 percent, according to FuzeBox. That’ll ensure that video remains synced between users, which is ultra-important for video conferencing and collaboration.

With a new UI, FuzeBox has also increased language support on the iPad app, and now offers English, Chinese, Japanese, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Korean, Russian and Spanish. That’s important, as its user base is increasingly international: FuzeBox says it now hosts 76,000 meetings a day in 122 different countries.