Devs, here’s your 6 month window for mobile app success


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a crystal ball to predict the potential success for a mobile app? Unfortunately, there isn’t (yet) but the next best thing might be here: A look at the success rate over 6 months from more than 100,000 Android(s goog) apps in 200 countries.

In-app monetization exchange inneractive worked with AppsGeyser to find out the percentage of apps that gained wide adoption within a half-year of launch, noting that the chances of getting 50,000 downloads has diminished over time. That’s likely due to the growing market for  mobile apps; it’s harder to stand out from the crowd.

What raises the success rate to help get 100,000 or more downloads? Develop and launch a network of apps to cross-promote your titles; a smart idea if you have the resources.


Flavius Saracut

The chances are still better than the Lottery, devs keep it up. :)

Abhishek Kathuria

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An analysis of Android Apps shows that the best way to combat the App Deluge is to create a network of Apps that cross-promote each other. In other words, with App Discovery becoming more and more difficult (especially in the Android ecosystem), if customers find one of your apps, make it count by cross-selling your other apps to them!

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