Chris Hughes Brings Down The New Republic's Paywall (Mostly)


Credit: The New Republic

One of 28-year-old Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ first moves as the new owner of The New Republic is the removal of the paywall for all new articles on

In a blog post today, TNR notes “Access to TNR’s online archives and the ability to comment on articles will remain subscriber benefits.” Readers also have to subscribe in order to read content on the iPad.

Those who want access to TNR archives (which date back to 1914) have to become paying members of “the TNR Society,” launched in 2010 and costs $44.97 per year. It includes home delivery of the magazine’s print edition and other features. A TNR iPad subscription is $3.99 per month.



So sick of companies trying to charge for content just because it is viewed on an iPad. I’m on the Internet. The device I use should not be a consideration.

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