Today in Connected Consumer

According to new research released by Parks Associations, 87 percent of iPhone 4S users make use of at least one feature of its Siri virtual assistant monthly, which would seem to indicate strong adoption of voice-activated services. But despite heavy advertising from Apple about Siri’s capabilities, iPhone users are not being very adventurous with her yet. The most popular use for Siri is for making calls and sending text messages — basically what people ordinarily use their phones for, and which many phones can already do using standard voice recognition technology. Roughly a third of iPhone 4S owners say they have never used Siri for playing music, scheduling a meeting or most of the other cool Siri tricks Apple highlights in its ads. Part of the problem is that the iPhone 4S version of Siri still has a 1.0 feel to it. It’s going to take a lot more third-party content and service providers stepping up to integrate with Siri before it feels like a genuine game-changer.