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What Happened When I Got Retweeted By @BarackObama

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I thought it would be cool to be retweeted by the President, but it kind of sucked.

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30 Responses to “What Happened When I Got Retweeted By @BarackObama”

  1. Chanterelle

    The word “socialist” has been used pejoratively by so many Inflamed Citizens that it’s practically a seal of approval at this point. It’s code for “something that will prove beneficial to the majority of Americans.” 

  2. wakkaoaka

    If you tweet anything related to politics, there will be plenty of negative responses like you saw there. Everyone can have different opinions, but thats no excuse for being impolite.

  3. Jack W Perry

    Cowards hide and attack. Looking at the number of followers and the other tweets by some of the idiots who attacked you, it is obvious they are lonely people with no followers nor intelligence. So many people are mis-informed. Keep up the good work.

  4. It’s sad to hear about people feeling bullied and muzzled through a service that really has proven, essentially, to accomodate free speech and liberty to the degree that Twitter has. However, my years of experience with the Internet and social media have taught med that you can’t get rid of the trolls and idiots out there. We have no choice but to learn to ignore them “sticks-and-stones”-style.

    Just remember that, although some idiots may scream loudly, the vast majority of those who saw your message will have been sensible, normal people who do appreciate an honest debate. They may be silent, but they hear you.

    That being said, it never ceases to startle me how harsh and unforgiving any political discussion between americans seems to turn out. Again, I know too well that it takes only a very few trolls to derail any debate on the net – but I have yet to find a forum where any attempt of an honest debate between republicans and democrats – or others, for that sake – isn’t stifled within minutes.

    I’m not going to force my opinion concerning public health care on anyone – you people will have to decide for yourselves, and I only wish it would be possible for you to discuss the matter without labels like “socialist”, “communist” or “fascist” being handed out ever 10 seconds.
    However, I’m sort of sad to say that a few weeks ago, I actually had to provide humanitarian aid to a citizen of the US. A friend of my wife is ill with cancer, and as he had just lost his job 3 weeks before he found out, he has to cover any expenses to save his life himself. The couple of hundre dollars we sent may help a bit, but it’s still shocking to see how a US citizen has to plea for help to stay alive.

    No, the Norwegian health care system isn’t perfect. But 5 years ago, my newborn son had to undergo heart surgery. I took 12 highly skilled surgeons and nurses a whole day to fix him. When we were discharged from the hospital 2 weeks later, they presented us with the bill: A total of 500 NOK (about 90 USD). I pay almost 40% taxes, and you know: I don’t mind at all.

    P.S. Disclaimer: To all the trolls who are yearning to lash out at my spelling or grammar: No, English isn’t my mother tongue, and there will be errors. If you really feel you need to tell me this, feel free to write to me – in Norwegian.

  5. PositOrange

    Sorry you had a bad experience, but truth be told there’s a lot of things to criticize Obama over and you unfortunately got caught up in the middle of it. Even though anonymity online can be good (people whistleblowing government/corporate sins for example) it also does breed some negativity (4chan, style comments, political bashing, etc) so have a thick skin and just try to not get caught up emotionally too much over politics. People have different points of view, and people on both sides of the aisle should realize that the others have valid points as well.

  6. Grantgibbs

    You’re brainwashed and deserved everything nasty comment u have received. Obamacare is not what this country needs. Have u taken the time to read the definition of socialism? If not, u might want to do so bc this type of government healthcare is not going to help this country.

    If u wan socialized medicine, move to Canada or the UK.

    As for the person from Canada who said the font have problems getting into doctors offices “most of the time”, hahahaha I like how u threw in the “most of the time”.

  7. Anyone who thinks its a good idea to pair the words “healthcare” with “for-profit” is brainwashed.  Don’t you get it?  Being in BUSINESS to make a PROFIT means you CUT COSTS in favor of providing SERVICE.  That means the price is always going to be as high and the service as low as the market will permit.  Big applause for letting people die in the streets…  Do you not see where this is going?  

    While I agree that there are some things government is into that it probably needn’t be, healthcare is not one of them.  I say that because the PUBLIC WILL PAY one way or another!!!  Don’t believe me?

    If I am dirt poor and need healthcare and don’t have insurance, I will go to an emergency room, receive services and the costs of those services will be reflected in the INCREASING cost of service for others.  You see?  It’s like single payer, except the “for-profit healthcare” system will EXPLOIT it and baby, don’t think it won’t make us ALL CONTINUE TO PAY through the nose for it.

    I would FAR rather have a non-profit government-based system in place, but not the corrupt, crony capitalism poisoned government we currently have.  Our entire system of government needs an overhaul before a single payer system could be instituted and I don’t think that will happen in my lifetime.  

    So, if you’re young, you’d better work 8 hours a day to earn your current living costs and then work another 8 hours a day so you can afford healthcare when you need it.  That seems to be what a lot of people want.

    Unless, of course, you’re one of them million/billionaires.  

  8. This is why I don’t use my professional Twitter account for political posts, if I can avoid it.  Despite the tremendous temptation to use my follower count to give attention to what I might think are worthy causes, it just sparks too much passion and diverts attention from what the account is supposed to be about (in my case, payments technology).  I use a personal Facebook account and Twitter account for non-work-related issues.  It’s too bad we can’t have a civil discussion about these topics, but that’s just the reality.

  9. I bet your Klout score went up like a shot, too!

    Anyway, I feel your pain. It seems like I’ve spent the last three years correcting the hype and hyperbole spewed out by GOP lackies and regurgitated by my friends and family, but with little hope of making a dent. My view has always been that you are entitled to your opinion, but you don’t get to just make s**t up to prove your case.

    If you want to sway me, respect my intelligence. Don’t come at me with obvious scare tactics like death panels, socialism, and birth certificates. Show me studies that aren’t backed by conservative think tanks. Provide a logical statement that doesn’t start off with calling me an idiot or a pinko commie.

    Plus, the GOP would make a better case if they weren’t so damned wrong about the hyperbolicly dreary predictions for the future of our country. The country isn’t going to collapse because of Obamacare or it would have collapsed when you claimed it would with unemployment, social security, or any of a dozen other social programs that you gladly use while complaining about their existence.

    So, sorry

  10. This is the case whenever politics are discussed in this country. Is there any forum anywhere where republicans and democrats exchange ideas and povs cordially? News sites get this. Such anger fuels a lot of visits and participation from readers. That’s why we’ve had so much journalistic product about the elections when so little of it is actually newsworthy.

  11. Kurt Copeland

    Sure. When you are young and being blasted with comments from people trying to get you to understand the reality of the situation, the truth can feel like it sucks. Keep doing the math on Obamacare and find out how it is really more harmful than good…or you can keep blindly following hope and change for the sake of hope and change and believe that everything will just come up roses.

    I hope you figure out the truth.

  12. Haden Kirkpatrick


    You just stumbled upon the great tragedy of social media and the impact on the political space.  I’m sure your media, content, and agency followers are a bit more intelligent and savvy than the general population.  Welcome to the state of political discourse in America…all these social tools have served to reinforce what people already believe, regardless of it’s factual or fiction.  


  13. Here are a couple fun facts. The OMB (Obama’s accountants) told us a couple weeks ago that the ten year cost of O-care has doubled to $1.8t. Paying the fine/tax/penalty, whatever they will call it after today’s trainwreck does NOT provide coverage only keeps you out of jail. Premiums are UP wildly and will continue to climb. No, your parents will not benefit. Catholic hospitals are about a third of all hospitals and they will be shut down if Obama pursues his contraception/abortion mandate. So if someone steps on your little toesies (and I saw no evidence of that Death Panels is nasty? Nastier in reality, which they are) it just might be because this is life and death, not to mention Liberty and Tyranny. Maybe when your employer drops your coverage because of the mandates you will understand that. In the meantime, pay attention. Things are moving fast now. 

    •, a non-partisan organization that critiques liberal and conservative factual claims from all parties and others, said that the claim about doubling the cost of the Affordable Care Act was a GOP misstatement based on comparing apples and oranges from the OMB report including comparing two different time periods of different lengths. See article cited in link “Health Care Costs Didn’t Double” And of course, there are not and never were any “death panels” — Sarah Palin’s false claim was proven false in 2009. If you search for “death panels,” you will see the article. If you want the truth!

    • I think you’re proving Laura’s point, Ken. There’s a difference between honest disagreement and spiteful, rude posts. 

      Starting your post with “Here are a couple fun facts” just makes you come across as a patronising, sneering little man.

      Fair enough if you disagree with Obamacare, but have some manners, otherwise you’re not going to change anyone’s minds.

  14. It is the government who causes health insurance to be so high. The government mandate will cause insurance to go even higher.  .  Why?  Because when government gets involved it puts so many mandates on things that it costs 20x what it would otherwise. Government already prevents insurance cos from offering coverage on only those things a purchaser wants. This increases the cost of the insurance because these things are built in.  Make it a la carte and watch prices go down.

    • Laura Hazard Owen

      I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. I do have a problem with their main argument against my position being that I “live in my parents’ basement” or that my parents must be musicians. 

      Stating an actual position reasonably in 140 characters may be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

  15. Oh my gosh, some issues just can’t be hashed out in 140 characters or less. And I think a lot of people feel frustrated and powerless and it just comes gushing out poisonously on the web. Good job taking it in stride!

  16. Barbara

     As I recall–before our former Mass. Gov got amnesia, he looked at healthcare as a business issue.
    He used to complain that the American workforce received healthcare via a system which evolved to become a great expense for employers. The employers could not compete on a level playing field with other industrialized nations (they are less and less of our competition as time goes on, but still so for the big ticket items such as autos). Probably also thought of folks at companies Bain took over–they had to pay their healthcare–or not.

  17. As a business owner, I am on a freezing hold because of the uncertainty that comes with Obamacare. I too have to provide my own health care and that of my employees. The mandates and additional expenses and red tape are bad enough as it is, not to mention that it’s un-Constitutional to force Americans into signing any contractual agreement.

  18. Wow, I am so sorry to hear this. It seems with the anonymity of the internet, people become extra vicious and cruel because they don’t need to be held accountable to their words. Unfortunately Twitter has a way of letting adults be foul mouthed children. 

    My two cents on the whole issue:
    In Canada we’ve have public health care and if I need to see my family doctor, I go. There is no lining up for days and never getting in as most people seem to fear.

    Normally I get in the same day if it is for something urgent. I was in motor vehicle accident earlier in the year and got in xrays, and emergency room care that night at the hospital. I needed a followup CT scan and I got in, in a matter of days. There are things that take longer, non urgent/life threatening conditions. If you have knee pain, it will take you longer to get a CT than someone who has had head trauma.

    Everyone pays into the system and everyone benefits. Nobody in the world NEVER goes to the doctor and NEVER needs medical attention. It all evens out at the end.