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7 stories to read this weekend

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What a busy week. I spent most of the week at the GigaOM East offices and Pier 60 in New York City where we hosted our second Structure:Data conference. It was a sellout. I’m heading home a day early as I have a busy week ahead. However, between all the meetings and conversations, I had enough time to read some of my favorite sources and curate these seven links for you folks to read this weekend.

10 Responses to “7 stories to read this weekend”

  1. brianhayashi1

    Loved the Buddhist spin on things. We must learn nonattachment to the 20th century values that used to rule us and instead practice mindfulness. I’m reminded of the story of the centipede speaking with the walrus. The walrus asks the centipede how he handles so many legs. The centipede responds that he doesn’t try to think about it, but lets it flow naturally. If he actually stopped to think about it, he’d trip.

  2. BenCapozzi

    Read ’em all this week! I always want to, but this time I actually finished. Very thoughtful and serendipitously timely for me. Thank you, Om!

  3. Warston


    I would really much like to read the story on Karl Lagerfeld but the target is the same as the Formula 1 story. I always enjoy these week-end readings and I’m sure this is just a little mishap.