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Cheapest 'Hunger Games' E-Books Are At Kobo — Not Amazon

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Teen dystopian trilogy Hunger Games appears to be on its way to blockbuster-dom, pulling in $19.75 million at the midnight premiere of the first movie — and bouncing back to the top of e-book bestseller lists. The etailer offering the books cheapest is, surprisingly, Kobo — but you’ll need coupon codes to get the semi-secret deal.

Kobo is running a mostly unpublicized deal offering each of the e-books in the Hunger Games trilogy, published by Scholastic, up to 85 percent off list price. Add one of the e-books to your cart and apply coupon code “HUNGERGAMESDEAL,” “HUNGERGAMESDEAL2” and “HUNGERGAMESDEAL3” to get it cheaper than anywhere else: The first e-book in the trilogy, Hunger Games, gets knocked down to $0.83 with the coupon; the second e-book, Catching Fire, is $1.16 with the code; and the third, Mockingjay, is $1.07. (Note that Scholastic does not use agency pricing; therefore, stores that sell its e-books can sell them at whatever prices they want.)

The super-low prices don’t appear until the e-books are in your cart with a coupon code applied, and so far, Amazon’s algorithm hasn’t caught the discounted prices and matched them. At Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN), the trilogy is taking up the top three spots on the Kindle bestseller list — and at number five is the bundle of all three titles for $18.99. Katniss’s story is interrupted only by 50 Shades of Gray at #4.

At Amazon’s Kindle store, The Hunger Games is $5. Catching Fire is $7.70 and Mockingjay is $7.14. All three titles are also available through Amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which lets Kindle-owning prime members borrow one e-book per month for free. The trilogy is $18.99 as an e-book bundle. It will be interesting to see if Amazon matches Kobo’s extremely discounted coupon prices.

At Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, the trilogy takes up the top three spots on the Nook bestseller list, at prices higher than Amazon’s: Hunger Games for $8.49, Catching Fire for $9.79 and Mockingjay for $9.79. The three bundled e-books are $28.29, nearly $10 more expensive than Amazon.

You’ll also find deals on other Scholastic dystopian YA e-books (yeah, Hunger Games is just the tip of the iceberg). Five of the titles are $2.99 each at Kobo; the same titles are $1.99 each through Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal.

Finally, Hunger Games publisher Scholastic is running a deal on YA dystopian e-books by lesser-known authors (yeah, Hunger Games is just the tip of the iceberg), selling five of them for $1.99 each. Those books are available as Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal.

3 Responses to “Cheapest 'Hunger Games' E-Books Are At Kobo — Not Amazon”

  1. Sherry Cole

    I wish you’d take these down when they are no longer relevant. On May 1,2012 book 1 is now $9.00, and I haven’t looked at the others. The code no longer works. You need to take this down.

  2. Tiffany

    After reading this, I bought the second one last night on KOBO using the promo code and it worked. I tired to buy the third one today and it didn’t work. I was kind of disappointed because there’s no way I’ll pay 7 bucks for an ebook, I might as well go actually buy it.