Today in Connected Consumer

Apple has always aimed its product pitches at multiple audiences. First and foremost, of course, is the consumer audience. But Apple has also sought to seduce content owners, developers and other third-party businesses into adding value to its devices to make them even more attractive to consumers. When the first iPad was released, many commentators wondered what people would do with it. But publishers and other content owners seized on the allure of the iPad’s added screen real estate compared to phones and the controlled environment of self-contained apps, and there was quickly plenty to do with the new tablets. I’m getting the sense that Apple has done it again with the new iPad’s retina display. While many analysts saw it as an incremental improvement with only marginal added value, I don’t think content owners will see it that way. Media professionals are likely to find the new iPad’s “studio reference quality” display irresistible and will move quickly to upgrade their apps for the new iPad, giving Apple in effect an exclusive quality advantage. In fact, it’s already happening, which can only enhance Apple’s growing dominance among app developers. In short, Apple’s “incremental” improvement is likely to yield more-than-incremental results.