A 7 point plan for clean energy


In a difficult year for clean energy — pockets of wavering policy support, the ghost of Solyndra and the slow adoption of electric vehicles — we need as many calls to action as possible. Here’s a 7 point plan for clean energy that Michael Liebreich, CEO and founder of Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance, detailed on Tuesday morning at Bloomberg’s summit on the future of energy:

  • 1). Messaging about clean energy should be about affordability not subsidies.
  • 2). Messaging about clean energy should be focused on the greater economy, productivity, security and health. Not “green jobs.”
  • 3). Messaging on clean energy policy should be about deregulation of all energy, not regulation of clean energy.
  • 4). Clean energy needs alliances with other sectors, like auto, telecom, retail and real estate. Systemic change can’t happen without the change happening in other sectors.
  • 5). The audience for clean energy messaging needs to change. We need to stop preaching to the converted. Fifteen percent of people will make more energy efficient and sustainable choices because it interests them, while 85 percent will not make a new energy efficient choice if it costs more money. It won’t help to scare people into changing their life. We need to focus on the mainstream.
  • 6). Embrace media. We need to own the airwaves and the politicians. “You can’t soar like an eagle and poop like a canary” (not exactly sure what that means but like the quote).
  • 7). And, finally, support sustainable energy for all, not just a niche sector or demographic.

What do you think? Inspired?

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