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Givit throws FlipShare users a lifeline for their private videos

UPDATED About a year ago, Cisco (s CSCO) said it was shutting down its Flip video camera business, despite the brand’s popularity. For consumers who were fans of the versatile digital video cameras, the news that Cisco was killing off future development of the product came as a shock.

But the move meant more than just the end of the road for the cameras themselves — it also called into question what would happen to all of the videos uploaded to FlipShare, the private video-sharing network that was offered by Cisco’s Pure Digital unit as an alternative to YouTube (s GOOG) and other online networks.

Well Givit announced Thursday that those videos can stay online — so long as FlipShare users take a few steps to keep them there. Cisco will alert its FlipShare users that they can port the videos over to Givit’s private video-sharing service, which will provide up to 10 GB 2 GB of free storage to all former FlipShare users. They can then also upload new videos to the service, using the same account information.

FlipShare is shutting down in December 2013, but users will have 30 days to transfer current videos over to FlipShare. And there are plenty of videos to switch over: Flip apparently has more than 3 million videos stored on the service that will be affected by the shutdown.

Givit can do this mainly because it’s owned and operated by San Diego-based startup Vmix, a white-label online video publishing platform that quietly provided the backend for the FlipShare service. That gives Givit/Vmix a huge potential new group of accounts, and it gets Cisco off the hook for a bunch of users for a service and devices that it no longer supports. All in all, a win-win-win.

Update: Givit is providing 2 GB of free storage, not the 10 GB that were in the press materials provided to me. But it will give those who transfer over from FlipShare double the storage that is provided with its usual premium subscription plans. So someone paying for 10 GB will get 20 GB, someone paying for 25 GB will get 50 GB, etc.

4 Responses to “Givit throws FlipShare users a lifeline for their private videos”

  1. The sharing service looks good, i would be nice if you can stream this directly to your flatscreen tv over internet connected to the flatscreen. Will this be possible in the future?

    • Greg Kostello

      Hi Jane. If you have an iPhone or iPad, it’s possible to watch on a flatscreen TV today using an Apple TV. With Givit, it’s as easy as navigating the video you wish to watch and just clicking the Apple TV button (it appears automatically if you have the Apple TV on your local network) then instead of streaming to your iPad or iPhone it automatically streams to your TV. We plan to support more popular devices in the future.

  2. Greg Kostello

    Thanks for your comment, Greg. We have updated the page you referenced to be clearer. Flips users will have the space they need to migrate all of their videos to Givit for 90 days. Thereafter, if your videos require more than the 2GB available with our standard free Givit account, you will need to upgrade to add more storage.