My review of the new iPad Reviews. How Meta!

March 2012 iPad launch event

March 2012 iPad launch event

The new iPad reviews are out and here is my summary of those reviews:  LTE is fast, the retina display is stunning and immersive, the new processor is speedy, the camera takes great pictures now, and the more (1 GB) memory makes the iPad awesome. In short, it is totally worth buying and upgrading. The new iPad is a little fat and little heavy, but don’t worry — wear an untucked shirt and no one would notice. Oh, but the way, bulk or not, it is still the tablet king and it totally kicks Android’s derriere. It is a little expensive, but don’t worry, it is worth it.

Depending on the reviewer, the review lengths range from 787 words to 4,968 words. Here are they ranked by least amount of words, so take your pick.

My favorite review is that by Dalrymple, so read it. The old hand Mossberg is still the gold standard when it comes to reviews. And Gruber is well Gruber. I almost always like what he has to say, so this is no different. Skip the rest. Instead wait for Gizmodo’s colorful review for reading pleasure and ex-Gizmodo editor Brian Lam’s review that is meant to actually help you make a purchasing decision — to buy or not to buy!

Of course, my colleagues Kevin Tofel and Erica Ogg will post their reviews when (and if) their iPad’s arrive in time this weekend.


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