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Facebook getting ready to hit back at Yahoo

Facebook is not about to take Yahoo’s patent suit lying down and is planning to fight Yahoo(s YHOO), according to my sources close to Facebook. Yahoo, earlier this week, filed a broad-ranging patent infringment lawsuit against the social network that is likely to go public soon. While Facebook’s legal response isn’t fully formulated, the company has enough patents in its portfolio to hit back at Yahoo, sources say. The response is likely to come in relatively short order. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.

4 Responses to “Facebook getting ready to hit back at Yahoo”

  1. Calle Hunefalk

    Pure evil, whoever came up with IPR. Seriously kills entrepreneurship. Should only be allowed by the little guy, to protect against patent trolls like these…

  2. Patrick Sullivan

    Good for Facebook! Hate to say this but when companies like Kodak and Yahoo become irrelevant they seem to go down the road of “let’s make money through lawsuits” rather then refocus on innovation. Unfortunately the litigation model doesn’t seem to scale well.