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Google+ updates mobile UI, still no iPad app

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Google (s GOOG) rolled out a new design for its Google+ mobile site Monday morning, which now looks more like the Google+ apps for Android and iOS. (s AAPL) That’s especially good news for Google+ iPad users, who have been waiting for a native app for the social network for some time.

The new UI not only features a visual refresh, but also comes with some new features that should make it easier to use Google+ with a mobile browser. One major improvement: Individual posts can now be reshared with the click of a button.

These changes come a few days after Google+ rolled out some major localization, making the service available in more than 60 languages including Zulu and Icelandic. Still missing is a native iPad app for Google+. The service is available via an iPhone app, but iPad users have to upscale the app, which is a pretty horrific experience. A Google spokesperson told me that there is “no update” on the availability of an iPad app.

Check out a few screenshots of the mobile web app as displayed on the iPad below:

12 Responses to “Google+ updates mobile UI, still no iPad app”

  1. I also experience safari crash if Iswitch to desktop view. I find the mobile Ui quite good, although it misses some of the features. Eventually, there should be new protocols so that websites could enjoy full integration (e.g. Notifications, etc.) without having to design a specific app. The current situation is silly and not tenable.

  2. Torsten

    I don’t get it. The new UI of the desktop version looks as if it were made to be used on tablets. So I thought it’s the compensation for the missing native ipad app.

    But if I switch to desktop view on my ipad3 safari crashes. Really strange.

  3. Mosaic Technology

    It’s odd that Google + hadn’t created an app for iPad or Android tablets, but optimizing for mobile web is a step in the right direction for the social network. Allowing more mediums for people to easily access the site will keep people on the site longer, and make users happier. The next logical step is definitely to actually create a native app for tablets.

    Mosaic Technology

  4. It’s still trying to force a log in to view a Public post via a mobile browser, Therefore, it’s still broken. Google’s engineers to log out once in a while to test their services.

  5. This is sad and probably one of the reasons that Google+ is not gaining any traction. Every morning I log into Zite and Flipboard. Full integration into Twitter and Facebook…but none to Google+. No native iPad app after all this time. This is why I seldom use Google+. Give me an iPad app…and I would become a daily user.

  6. As Facebook didn’t bother with the iPad for a long time since the iPad is a niche device, not 800k/day like Android or 400 million like Windows 7, the iPad is also not a priority at Google

  7. David Chartier

    The Google+ iPhone app is just a silly web wrapper anyway; I don’t expect much out of the iPad app if it ever arrives. It’s part of the reason I can’t find much motivation to care about the service. If Google doesn’t care about providing good experiences that integrate with our devices, why should we care about its social network?