Today in Connected Consumer

Do curation sites such as this page need a code of conduct? The idea unexpectedly emerged as a hot topic of conversation at SXSW over the weekend. Ad Age columnist Simon Dumenco announced at the confab that he is spearheading an effort by a committee of writers, editors and publishers to develop a set of best practices for aggregators that would give due respect to the rights of content originators. Separately, writer Maria Popova unveiled the Curators Code, an effort to standardize attribution in curation through a set of unicode characters for concepts like “via” and “hat tip.” Such voluntary codes could soon take on more urgency. Last week, the German government said it would introduce legislation requiring search engines and other content aggregators to pay publishers for whose content they highlight. And earlier this year, a group of leading publishers in the U.S., including AP and the New York Times, launched NewsRight, an ambitious effort to begin collecting payments from news aggregators.