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Tiny Review comes to Austin and to the web with TinySX

Tiny Review has been one of my favorite new apps launched over the past few months. The app gives users the ability to instantly create on-the-fly reviews using just photos and three lines of text. It’s like a combination of Instagram, Yelp (s YELP) and Twitter, and a whole lotta fun.

So far, Tiny Review has only been available on the iPhone, and it’s pretty much a free-for-all — users have gone beyond the basic review functionality to use the app as an all-purpose meme generator. But what if Tiny Review were open to all through an HTML5-based web app? And what if it targeted the South by Southwest crowd specifically?

To answer these questions, the tiny startup team behind Tiny Review has ported the app’s functionality to the web, with a meme generator called TinySX focused solely on the intricacies of SXSW, or what they call “Geek Spring Break.” The idea, according to cofounder Melissa Miranda, is to “take a real event with real people, and see what memes emerge.”

It’s a lot of fun, and early entries have been pretty interesting. So grab a photo and play with it yourself.