SpinCam brings shareable 360-degree photos to iOS


The latest iOS photo-sharing software may sound like one of many other camera apps, but it has a unique twist. SpinCam not only takes 360-degree panoramic photos, but it can also take a 360-degree image of a single object. The software, currently free in the iTunes App Store, reminds me of the “bullet time” photo approach made famous in The Matrix movie.

I’ve been using an early version of SpinCam, and it’s simple to use. Just today, SpinCam helped me capture every angle of the new snowblower we bought just before winter; yes, you can thank us for the lack of snow in the region this year.

I started up the app and then slowly walked around the snowblower as the camera snapped images. SpinCam keeps track of when you’ve made a complete circle, and it instantly puts all of the individual frames together. From there you can swipe to rotate the image and see it from every angle. I can’t embed the output, but you can view or rotate it here on the SpinCam site. Plus, all of the photos taken with SpinCam can easily be shared on Facebook.

I could see this as a relatively inexpensive solution for showing off real estate or other goods for sale. And it works fine for fully panoramic views as well. But I think taking a walk-around image of an object or person is a fresh idea, not to mention a fun one.


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