Android owners who buy online goods: Go. Get. Slice


One of the top apps for iOS(s aapl) landed on Android(s goog) devices Thursday: Slice, a free, online shopping organizer is now available in the Google Play application store. The software should appeal to any Android device owner who purchases goods on the web. Slice consolidates orders, providing one place to look at your purchase history and real-time delivery tracking.

The “magic” of Slice is that you don’t have to enter any of your purchases for the app to track them. Instead, Slice filters through your email — GMail and Yahoo(s yhoo) accounts only — and captures your purchase history, similar to how Mint reads financial information from your bank. Some may have issues with providing email access to a third-party, but the service doesn’t require that you give up your login credentials. For example, I simply authorized Google to provide the Inbox access, which I can revoke at any time.

Once you provide the email access, Slice goes to work and becomes a huge time saver. It tracks all deliveries through FedEx, UPS and the USPS. The history is handy to look up older purchases, perhaps to recommend a product to a friend. And for the fiscally fit, Slice calculates your total online spending habits.

As consumers turn to online storefronts, an app such as Slice becomes a must-have. I never miss a delivery since I work out of a home office, but Slice has already made me painfully aware of how much I’m spending these days. I suppose that’s a good thing.


Pankaj Garg

lol, people were concerned for the privacy couple of months back!

Redwan Huq

Hmm…trust a small-time company to full access to your email? I don’t think so.


FYI: It’s not compatible with ICS. The market wouldn’t give me the option to install on my Galaxy Nexus.

Harpinder Singh Madan

It is available for ICS and Galaxy Nexus. We had an error in configuration on the Android market. Just fixed it and there is a new version 1.0.1. Sorry for the inconvenience. It should work now.

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