13 Responses to “Whoa: iPad 3 might let you “feel” on-screen objects”

  1. ….the company has something to see — “And touch.”

    Surely that says ‘you can touch what we’re going to show you’ rather than ‘our new iPad touches you back’?

  2. MaulerX

    “Imagine looking at a picture of a beach and feeling the grit of the sand.”

    Oh come on. It’s haptic feedback. The “feedback” will feel the same across the screen. It will “feel” the same when you touch the water. It will “feel” the same when you touch a picture of your favorite silk robe. Don’t get me wrong, it will be a nice addition (I see this benefiting videogames the most). But let’s not grasp at straws and make it seem more “magical” than what it is.