iPhoto for iPad: Brings back online galleries, ditches Google Maps


Along with the new iPad, Apple(s AAPL) also announced updates to several iOS apps from the iWork and iLife suites. iPhoto for iOS is an all-new app that features sophisticated photo-editing features for iPads and iPhones with front-facing cameras and some unexpected changes to Apple’s iCloud integration and mapping. While the original photos app has some simple editing tools and basic sharing options, this new app has even more sharing options and some very nice editing tools.

Smart Browsing

Two of the coolest features in iPhoto for iPad are the ability to find similar photos and side-by-side browsing. iPhoto for iPad will automatically detect pictures with similar scenes and present them to you so you can pick the best picture of the bunch. You can also put pictures side by side to compare them more carefully.

Multi-touch editing, brushes & effects

You can adjust areas of the picture by just touching and dragging on the parts that you want to change. There are also some precision tools like a loupe for precise white-balance adjustments. Brushes are used to add effects to your pictures, like removing red-eye or a blemish. The brushes and effects are a blast, and these tools might completely replace several popular photo-editing apps.

Photo Journals

Photo Journals provide a way to put together a page of pictures that tell a story. iPhoto automatically places your selected pictures into a layout, and then you can move and resize photos to get it exactly the way you want. The exciting part is that you can then share these journals online by publishing to iCloud web pages. MobileMe galleries were noticeably absent from the new iCloud, but they have come back, in a limited fashion, with this integration with the iPhoto app.


The last surprise in this update is that the location maps do not appear to be from Google(s GOOG). In the image below, you can see that the map of the area around Winter Park, Colo., does not look like the same area when viewed in iPhoto on the Mac.

Google Maps have been tightly integrated into iOS from the start, but Apple has made several mapping-related acquisitions over the last year as their relationship with Google has soured over competition from Android phones and tablets. While we don’t have definitive word from Apple yet, it appears that iPhoto for iOS might be the first iOS product from Apple to drop Google Maps and use a different system.



You should look at the map picture a lot closer.. it says ‘Google’ at the bottom.

Weldon Dodd

You’re looking at the iPhoto for Mac picture. The Google branding is missing on the iPhoto for iOS screen, which is what prompted me to write about it.

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