Apple’s iPad 4G LTE plan pricing detailed: Watch your speeds!


Updated. Apple’s (s aapl) new iPad includes support for LTE mobile broadband, with a fallback to 3G connectivity as needed. That’s good to know, but the one important bit of information Apple neglected to share was the pricing plans for the LTE service from AT&T(s t) and Verizon(s vz). I just pre-ordered a Wi-Fi iPad, but saw the LTE pricing during the checkout process, so here it is:

Update. The rates Apple is quoting on its site for AT&T aren’t accurate, according to the carrier. AT&T will charge the same data rates it introduced in January for tablets: $15 for 250 MB, $30 for 3 GB and $50 for 5 GB.

The 5GB plans work out to an even $10 per GB, and if you opt for less data, you’ll pay more, while Verizon does provide a larger plan at $8 per GB. There’s only one problem: if you’re sucking down data at the maximum theoretical 73 Mbps speeds that the iPad can handle. At that rate — an extreme example — your 5 GB data plan would be drained in around 9 minutes! Note that the tethering option isn’t detailed yet; I expect it’s a $20 monthly fee to share your iPad’s data with other Wi-Fi devices.



Reposted from PC Mag online:

Don’t imagine you get 4G from Verizon for $30/month As a long-time Verizon user I was happy to upgrade from the iPad1 to the new 4G model but was astonished when I signed up for the data plan. Be prepared for a big first bill. Instead of the advertised $30 for 2GB price my receipt read as follows : Estimated monthly access fee $55.16 (includes one prorated and one full month), Selected Services Access Fees $12.85, Equipment surcharges $48.01, Taxes and fees $5.08, Estimated total $121.10. Apparently this includes an activation fee of $35 and if you stop the service for a month they will charge the same fee again when you reactivate. 03.19.2012 by ronaldecohen

Divergent Trend

So happy to be grandfathered into unlimited data with Verizon. Thing is, I have yet to consume over 3GB via 4G in a month.

Jeff Martens

What is that text at the bottom all about “includes wi-fi browsing”?

An additional fee to tether is such a crock of shat with capped data plans. I can sort of understand for unlimited, but if it is capped, who cares if you share it with another device? Bull shat.


Tethering on Verizon has no additional fees. Not for the ipad that is.

William Beem

The big question for those of us with an Unlimited Data Plan on AT&T – will they finally use this one to break us out of it, or can we still go unlimited with LTE?

Craig Campbell

I agree, these plans are way too skimpy for LTE. There is no way anyone who knows better will be watching more than a very occasional youtube video over cellular. The plans should have about 10 times the amount of data caps for these prices. Sigh.

Regarding the point about tethering though – it could well be included in the plans as is. I have a Xoom (no, don’t laugh) on Verizon LTE and I am able to use it as a hotspot with no extra charge. (Maybe I’m not supposed to, dunno!)


LTE or not, anybody paying $800-plus for a tablet and $80/month for a paltry 10GB of mobile broadband needs to have their head examined.

Call me harsh, call me critical, but I believe there are better options out there, especially when it comes to tethering.

BTW: have fun with your new toy when it arrives Kevin!

Eddie W.

If my galaxy tab 7.7 is any indication, the tethering will be part of the package. I have the $30 per month plan and it’s already included.

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