Apple refreshes Apple TV, adds video to iTunes in the Cloud


Updated. The Apple(s AAPL) TV is getting a modest refresh, and Apple is doubling down on iTunes in the Cloud: That’s the gist of what Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced on stage in San Francisco.

Apple gave the devices a UI refresh that leaves more room for additional partner apps, and also added support for 1080p video playback. The new device will once again sell for $99.

Apple TV will also have full access to iTunes in the Cloud, including the ability to stream music and look at photos uploaded to Apple’s cloud storage offering. And iTunes in the Cloud will now also work with video content purchased via iTunes.

Still missing from the new Apple TV is full access to third-party apps via iTunes, which means that users won’t be able to use any additional apps other than the ones pre-installed by Apple.

The hardware refresh for the Apple TV was widely expected: The previous, second-generation Apple TV device only played 720p HD video. Apple TVs also have disappeared from Apple TV store shelves across the country in recent days.

Update: Apple will start selling the device on March 16.

Update 2: Existing second-generation Apple TV devices will get an update with the new UI as early as today, according to an Apple spokesperson.


Adam Miarka

Also note that any digital downloads redeemed thru iTunes show up as purchased. Ultraviolet what?

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