Apple iPad event live blog

iPad HD event Yerba Buena Center San FranciscoOn Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. PT Apple (s AAPL) executives will take the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to unveil what is in all likelihood the successor to the iPad 2.

Rumor has it the device will be called iPad HD, sport a high-definition screen, and be LTE-capable. There’s a good chance a new Apple TV (the set-top box, not a television) will also be in the spotlight. And of course, there is probably something Apple has up its sleeve that hasn’t leaked out yet, so be sure to join us to see the action unfolds.

We will be live blogging the event starting at 10 a.m. but will kick things off below at around 9:30 a.m. PT, so please bookmark this page and come back then.

(Note: We’re going to traditional blog updates due to CIL problems)

10:12 am: Photostream is now part of Apple TV. Photos you take on iPhone appear on your Apple TV now, says Eddy Cue, who demos this for us.

10:13 am: You can also see every movie you’ve every bought via iCloud. You can rewatch without paying again.

10:15 am: That’s it for Cue. Cook is back. He says the new version is available next week for $99.

10:16 am iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world, he says. The momentum is “incredible” and has surprised everyone. We sold more iPads in Q4 than any PC maker sold PCs in the same time frame.

10:18 am: When they created the iPad, Cook says it was intended to be a new category. To do that, it had to be the best for normal tasks, like web browsing, email, etc.

10:20 am: He’s talking about apps and games, gives a shout out to StockTouch (which I wrote about yesterday) as perfect apps for the tablet.

10:21 am: Cook is showing us what Twitter app looks like on a Samsung tablet. “It looks like a blown up smartphone app.” He does the same thing with Yelp on the Samsung tablet. “It’s stretched out” and “hard to see.”

10:22 am: This is why competitive tablets aren’t gaining traction, he says. “Everyone is wondering who will come out with a product more amazing than an iPad 2” he says. “Stop wondering. We are.” The new iPad is here, he says, without giving it a name yet.

10:23: Phil Schiller is up to show it to us. It has a Retina Display. “You might have heard,” he says.

10:26 am: He’s talking about how they’ve packed the display pixels tightly and how they call it “Retina.” There are 4x the  number of pixels on the new iPad (is that what they’re calling it? No sign of iPad HD or iPad 3 moniker yet.)

10:27 am: Also an A5X chip for quad-core graphics is inside.

10:28 am: “The best mobile display that’s ever shipped,” Schiller claims. The second feature is an iSight camera on the iPad.

10:29 am Camera has 5 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter in the camera. He’s showing us pics taken with the iPad. Has automatic face detection and auto focus lock.

10:30 am: HD video recording at 1080p resolution for the backside camera. He demonstrates a home movie taken with it, including how the image stabilization works.
10:31 am: There’s also voice dictation software. You can hit a button and start talking and the iPad will write an email for you.

10:33 am: It’ll have 4G, which elicits a lot of cheers. iPad will have HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA and LTE. “Performance will be amazing,” he says.

10:34 am: He’s showing how fast photos load on 4G. And for videos, he’s showing how they’ll download and load faster on 4G versus over 3G.

10:36 am: AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Bell and Telus will be the first 4G carrier partners. Two versions in U.S., one for LTE bands on AT&T and another on Verizon’s band because they’re different. But they’ll work on any 3G network, he notes. It can also be a hotspot for 5 devices — provided your carrier is cool with it.

10:39 am: It has the most wireless bands of any device that’s ever shipped, Schiller says. So what does that mean for power consumption? iPad will have 10 hours of battery life, he says, on 3G, but 9 hours on 4G. Same as what iPad 2 did on 3G.

It comes in black and white, starts at $499, just like previous versions for 16Gb. 32GB will be $599 and 64GB will be $699. Available March 16. Preorders start today.

10:41 am: On software: Safari has been upgraded, so has Mail app and Photo app for Retina display resolution. Now he’s going to talk about what this means for developers: Apps will look and perform fine, but developers  can improve their apps to look better. And now starts the stream of developers talking about their app. First up is James Shelton from Namco to talk about Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy.

10:44 am: Next up is Autodesk to talk about Sketchbook Ink on iPad. A new drawing app for line art, complimentary to their Sketchbook Pro app.

10: 48 am: Says images up to 100 megapixels can be exported from the app. The Retina Display “takes it to the next level,” says Autodesk’s on-stage rep.

10: 49: He says it’s available starting in April. Next up for the third (and last, Schiller promises) is Epic Games. Mike Capps, Epic’s president, will show us a new project.

10:51 am: He’s showing us their Infinity Blade Dungeons game.

10:53 am: Capps puts in a plug that the iPad has higher screen resolution than Xbox 360.

10: 54 am: Schiller is back to talk about Apple’s own software, iWork. They’re getting updated for the new iPad.

They’re getting updated for the new iPad. It’s a free upgrade if you’ve already purchased them. iLife is also being updated, including some new features of Garage Band. Something called Jam Session, four people playing at the same time can collaborate on the same song. It’s a free updated and also available today.

10:59 am: Now we’re getting a look at the new iMovie app for iPad. It’s $4.99 and available today. iPhoto is also coming to iPad today. Use your same photo library on your iPad, but is better for browsing, has multitouch editing, new effects and brushes. You can use photo beaming to send photos between your iOS devices.

11″03 am: Randy Ubillos from Apple is talking about the new photo app. He’s showing how you can do editing on the iPad.

11:08 am: Shows how you can crop and rotate, adjust shadows, highlights and contrast, all with touch. There are a series of “brushes” which are actually your finger to fix the image in a couple of different ways.

11: 13 am: He’s showing us a pretty cool photo journal feature that lets you layout a travel journal really easily. You can add text or notes next to your photos, calendar elements, maps with the photo’s location, weather icons etc. You can share it via a link or via iCloud. And all of this can be down on an iPhone too, he says. iPhoto is $4.99 starting today.

11:14 am: Schiller is back and notes that all iWork and iLife are on the iPad now. “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t create on an iPad.” And now there’s the obligatory product marketing video for iPad.

11:19 am: Video’s done. Schiller’s back. “This will chagne what people think is possible with this category fo device.” Along with the new iPad, iPad 2 will hang around starting at $399 for 16GB. “So many more people can afford to get into this” he says, specifically calling out schools.  The iPad 2 will be $529 if you want 3G.

11:22: Cook is back. “We have redefined the category Apple created just two years ago, ” he says. And now we’re going to watch another ad.

11:23: The iPad is the ultimate poster child of the post-PC world, he says. Cook thanks Apple employees and “everyone who supports Apple.”

“Across the year you’re going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation. We’re just getting started,” he says. And that’s it. Cook exits the stage.

11:24 am: And that’s it for us too. Thanks everyone for hanging with us despite our technical difficulties. Stay tuned for lots more coverage from GigaOM today.