Apple and the new iPad: By the numbers


Typical for an Apple(s aapl) event, the company shared a multitude of numeric data points prior to, and during, the introduction of the new iPad and an updated Apple TV. Some of the figures are staggering when you realize that the iPad product line isn’t yet two years old. But the numbers show that, unlike many peers, Apple has planned for, and is migrating to, what it calls the “post-PC world.”

Here’s a snapshot of key figures Apple shared Wednesday about its company, its iOS platform and its new devices:

  • 76 percent: Apple revenue derived from post-PC devices in the last quarter of 2011
  • 62 million: iOS devices sold during that time
  • 315 million: cumulative iOS device sales
  • 100 million: iCloud users
  • 25 billion: app downloads from the iTunes App Store
  • 585,000: total available apps in the store
  • 15.4 million: iPads sold last quarter; which is more than the number of PCs sold by any single PC maker in that quarter
  • 55 million: total iPads sold so far
  • 200,000+ : total iPad apps
  • 1080p: resolution on newest Apple TV
  • 3.1 million: number of pixels in the new iPad display; a million more than a 1080p HDTV
  • 264: pixels per inch on the new iPad Retina Display
  • 73 Mbps: theoretical maximum LTE speeds of the new iPad (here’s why)
  • 9.4 millimeters: thickness of the new iPad — a good thing, in my opinion
  • 10 hours: expected battery life of the new iPad on Wi-Fi
  • $399: new price for the 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad 2, which will hurt Android(s goog) tablet makers



Man I gotta get my next killer game on the app store quick! All these new users will be flooding it soon.

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