YouTube rolls out new channel design to everyone


YouTube (s GOOG) is going to to roll out its new channel design across its entire site Wednesday, completing a major component of a site redesign that started last December. The new layout puts a bigger emphasis on channel subscriptions and content curation in an effort to make people stick around longer. YouTube is expected to switch all channels to the new design by Wednesday morning.

The new channel design, which has so far been available on an opt-in basis, comes with a new featured tab that can be customized to the needs of each publisher with a number of templates. Some of the default templates include a design optimized for bloggers with a lot of output, a network design that can highlight multiple channels on YouTube and even a live template that includes elements specific to a live video broadcast on YouTube.

YouTube rolled out an ambitious site relaunch in December that included a completely revamped homepage, which is meant to entice users to subscribe to channels rather than just watching single clips. The relaunch came about a month after YouTube announced its professional content initiative, which includes new channels from celebrities, YouTube personalities and major media organizations.

YouTube publishers have until Wednesday to familiarize themselves with the new channel design by switching back and forth between the new and the old layout. There are a few major changes publishers should be aware of in addition to the new featured tab:

  • The new channel design won’t have any banner images anymore. Users can instead use the background image as a banner and add links to their own websites through an image map.
  • Channels are now 970px wide, as opposed to the old width of 980px. This means that some publishers may have to adjust their background images.
  • A new feed page aggregates more than just a user’s video uploads. It will also show which videos he likes and comments on and even include some info about activity on third-party sites.


Mayenne Perpetua

nice post! love this..I also like the new design by YouTube though lots have put negativity to it but with me, its actually much more organized and neat and as long as my videos stays on my channel, i’m good. btw, i used Ezvid to upload videos to YouTube as its fast, free and simple. Ezvid does the job for you and no more conversion of formats needed and im loving it – try ezvid too at – its a freeware so no worries :)

Nataly Fab

I have read this article and for real I dont understand WTF they did this shit design!!?? Those ppl who were creating this new layout Does they want to reduce popularity of Youtube, does they want ppl visit this city less?? Does they want LESS VIEWS IN YT!!!? OR ARE THEY JUST TOO STUPID?? DONT GET?? Youtube wasnt only a site for watching videos!! But also a place where u could SOCIALIZE WITH PPL, it was like your private page – and THIS WAS THE ONLY REASON TO STICK AROUND LONGER!! NOW ITS DAMAGED!! LOOK!! Few days passed by after setting that shit designs around all channels and now there is SO LESS PPL WHO VISIT IT!! WATCH!!! PEOPLE HATE NEW DESIGN!

Reel Tuner

love the new youtube! as well as this site… check it out!

Joshua Belcher

Yeah this new crap sucks and now my channel looks like mundane 2 pane garbage that I cant ever customize ugh, and I worked so fricken’ long on photoshop making that design and the losers took it away!


Youtube is moronic. The new design stinks and leaves out certain older elements. They provide no instruction or way to get it. Stalin and the Iranian Mullahs would be proud


the new design is way less customizable from the old version.. used to be able to change colors of everything!! now u can just customize the background! thats it! wtf! and not even the page background only the background outside of the actual page… wtf


I actually like Cosmic Panda. I switched over back when it was still in the beta last December or so. It’s given me plenty of time to get used to it and now it’s not so bad. There are a few kinks I think need to be worked out and things to be added later on down the road (like having more than just a gray layout and bringing the chatbox thingy back to the front page instead of its new inconspicuous location).

But I don’t get why people are complaining about a FREE service.


yeah, thanks for the info. but guess what ? Sooo many YT users don’t like the new format ! But bid, bad google doesn’t care. It’s their way or the highway. Watch, other video sites will become more popular now. YT ain’t the only game in town. They just act like they are.


Excellent reporting on YouTube the past two days – your reports have been the only ones I’ve see ANYWHERE about these very significant changes happening at YouTube – if moving images are really the holy grail, the new world, the be all and end all for the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. etc. – how can it be that nobody else reported this? So, again, excellent reporting.

BTW – I found your reports thru paidcontent.

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